Robert Haddad


USCA Helper

Classification: Regional


He has successfully completed  seminars and certifications and may perform helper work at a USCA trials and is eligible to work regional events.-USCA



June 2018: OG Edgerton Club Trial

September 2017: North Central Regional IPO Championship

June 2017: OG Edgerton Club Trial

September 2016: Mid East Regionals

September 2016: North Central Regionals

June 2016: OG Edgerton Club Trial

October 2015: OG Edgerton Club Trial

July 2015:  OG Edgerton Club Trial

Seminars & Certifications:

Helper Certification-August 2017-USCA 

Helper Certification- August 2016-USCA

National Helper College Kentucky 2015-USCA

Helper Certification-August 2015-USCA

Helper Certification-June -2015-USCA