2018 UDC IPO Fall Classic
8310 Howe Rd, Wonder Lake, IL 60097
Trophy/Level Sponsor Amount Sponsor Special Acknowledgements
IPO Fall Classic Champion $125.00 Ashley Stursa  
Individual Disciplines
High Tracking $75.00 Leslie Carpenter  In Honor of the Treasure Seeker Dobermans Gang Special Acknowledgements: Penny (IPO3), Asher (IPO3), Abby (IPO1), Pearl (BH)
High Obedience $75.00 Arrak USA  https://www.arrakusa.com/
High Protection $75.00 Monroe Veterinary Service For all Working Dobermans
IPO 1 & 2
IPO 1 Champion $50.00  Steve Brown  For Drogon
IPO 2 Champion $50.00  Simone Jeans  For Axel
High Scoring APr $50.00 Diane Linstrom SolStorm Dobermanns
High Scoring UPr $50.00    
High Scoring FPr/TR $50.00    
Helper's Favorite $50.00 Monroe Veterinary Service For all Working Dobermans
High HOT $50.00 Robert W. Voss In memory of "Eli" - Bastille De Twin Oaks IPO3 BH WH AD CGC.
BH Ribbons $50.00 Robert W. Voss In memory of "Echo" - CH Keystones Che R Noble CDX TD CGC BH TR1
Non Trophy Level Donations
Diamond $200 Tammy & Kendal Rush Talane Dobermans
Diamond $200 Meryl Winnie Good Luck from Working Dogs NY Training Facility
Platinum $100 Steven and Sharisse Chavez On behalf of 9 ½ year old Cara's Fedor Bas Rutten IPO3 AD BH CD UCD CGC. Currently competing in AKC agility.
 Platinum  $100 SolStorm Dobermanns In memory of Summer, a life so beautifully lived

Special Donations/Sponsors

Thank you to Hallmark k9 For their donation of the tracking articles for this years Fall Classic.  The tracking this year will be held on Grass